The Next Generation of EGO

The 2017 season is rapidly approaching and for us that means one thing – NEW PRODUCTS! We’re very excited to announce the new products that we’ve been developing.


Enhanced offering for professional users and municipal applications

Feedback from EGO fans, in particular professional users, has led to the creation of our biggest product innovation to date – our backpack battery! As the cordless specialists in the gardening sector, it was only a matter of time before we brought out a backpack option. Feedback from our launch told us that professional users wanted a backpack, so we listened!

The backpack battery weighs just 7.8kg (without the harness) and has a waist belt for even distribution and comfort, removing any strain from the shoulders. The lightweight but sturdy harness is even made of the same durable material that is used by the fire service.

The 1300 Watt hour battery allows users a full days’ work from one single charge, which takes just four hours from completely empty. As well as added convenience, the EGO backpack battery offers users massive savings. The average daily operating costs are approximately 16p (i.e. the cost of a single charge) therefore, based on 1000 charges versus a daily fuel cost of £5, the backpack saves the user £1766 per year! This investment saves money on petrol and servicing but will help professional users win new work contracts by offering a dramatically reduced noise and fume free solution that allows workers to keep going -anywhere!

The backpack battery fits onto an EGO line trimmer, hedgetrimmer or blower for extended usage. Innovatively, it has a backlit LCD display that shows the remaining battery percentage, cell diagnostics and the individual runtime of whichever tool is connected.

To work alongside the backpack battery, and to further reinforce our commitment to the professional sector, we are also launching a backpack blower that provides the same comfort levels of the backpack battery harness. It has a high-powered brushless motor for high air volume and speed, as well as a flexible tube with variable lengths. When in boost mode it can have a maximum air speed of 192 km/h.


Product line developments


Mower 50cm

Lawn mowers
We have introduced three new mowers. The LM2020E 50cm metal deck mower is available as either a push and self-propelled model. The other new mower is the self-propelled LM2120E which has a polydeck and is our largest mower yet with a 53cm width! All three models come with a brushless motor for more efficient and longer run times.


Line trimmers
The biggest change for our line trimmers is a new rapid reload bump feed that makes changing the line incredibly quick and easy! We’ve also enhanced user comfort by making the guard bigger to reduce debris throw back toward the operator, whilst protecting flower beds. The head also has a flat edge which gives a closer cut. Three new 38cm models have been added, all featuring the new rapid reload head.


We’ve created our longest ever hedgetrimmer! The HT6500E which is 65cm and features the laser cut diamond blades that make EGO cuts so precise. This opens up new opportunities for both professional and domestic gardeners.



Something completely new!

Until now the EGO Power+ range has consisted of five key product groups (mowers, line trimmers, chainsaws, blowers and hedgetrimmers) but our team have been busy working away on something completely new. This has led to our fantastic new multi-tool which features five heads that are easy to attach and change.

  • A 38cm brushless line trimmer, with the new rapid reload bump head and enhanced protected guard
  • A 30cm brush cutter with three sided reversible blade for cutting tough brush
  • A hedgetrimmer with a maximum length of 160cm but folds down to 99cm. It has 12 cutting angles with a quick release handle that allows locking into position without having to remove pins
  • A pole saw with a 10” guide bar and chain, and a hook for pulling down loose branches
  • An edging tool that is great for working around concrete slabs, and has an adjustable depth wheel and skip plate to go between slabs and the grass to protect the blade.

Added value items

As well as a machinery we have also increased our added value items to further support dealers and offer additional ways of creating revenue, whilst boosting awareness of the EGO Power+ brand. These include EGO branded gloves and protective eyewear.



Previously it was only our lawnmowers that we sold as kits that include a battery and charger. However, customers are rapidly becoming EGO converts and wanting to expand the product range that they own, without the need to buy batteries every time.

Because of this, from 2017 we will be introducing more kits across all product ranges.

This will also mean that all products are now available to buy as bare