Since the inception of EGO, we’ve been driven by our desire for innovation and constantly strive to break new ground.

We pride ourselves on our innovative, durable and, perhaps most importantly, powerful tools that deliver superior performance time and time again.

It’s been three years since EGO launched in the UK and in that time we’ve amassed a loyal following, taking on our petrol powered competitors, convincing gardeners and landscapers alike to swap their traditional tools for the cleaner, quieter and easier alternatives of EGO.

What makes us so special? Our battery is like no other!

EGO battery technology stands apart from the competition making it the most technologically advanced in the industry. Let’s find out why…

The video above talks you through our battery technology but here’s our story in a nutshell.

The EGO battery is the industry’s highest energy capacity battery and features our patented Arc Lithium technology that performs like no other.

Traditional batteries stack the individual cells on top of each other, potentially trapping heat that then cannot escape which results in overheating, and frustratingly for the user, the product shutting down. Our batteries position the cells in an arc, placing more cells closer to the edge, subsequently increasing the surface area and giving the cells more access to cooler air, helping them to cool down quicker.

Another innovation that stops our batteries from overheating is our Keep Cool™ technology that surrounds the cells. This is a revolutionary phase change material (like you find in a pocket hand warmer) that absorbs latent heat energy, dissipating it and keeping it away from the cells so that they keep working at the optimum temperature for longer.

The final design feature that ensures our batteries don’t overheat is the unique way in which the battery attaches to the outside of the tool, rather than being housed within the tooling itself like other brands, further preventing overheating.

And the best thing? Thanks to our Power+ system, our battery is interchangeable across the entire EGO range with it powering multiple tools – the ultimate in efficiency, versatility and convenience.

EGO’s industry-leading Arc-Lithium 56 volt battery technology delivers a new level of performance, giving the dependable power needed to keep working hard until the job’s done!