One of the things that makes the EGO Power+ range so unique are our batteries. The technology used within our batteries has been developed by NASA – not many other brands can say that!

In the 1980s NASA set about improving its space suits so they could withstand the extreme temperatures that astronauts would face in space. Their research, which was started by the US Air Force, lead to the development and utilisation of phase change materials (PCM). Over 30 years later and PCM, and NASA’s technology, are now being used in the EGO Power+ batteries!

Our batteries really are unique. Our patented “arc” design ensures that more of the battery cells are adjacent to the external housing. This helps to keep them cooler for longer, which prevents heat retention and subsequent damages to battery performance found on brick-like batteries.

We use the PCM as part of our “Keep Cool” cell technology where each cell is insulated by phase change materials that change from solid to liquid when the cells heat up, and then back to solid as it cools down.

You’re probably more familiar with PCM in pocket hand warmers which are solid until you click a small disc within them and it heats up, turning the contents to a liquid. Our batteries use the same technology!

The PCM market is in high growth. Phase change materials offer an eco-friendly, energy saving solution that is beginning to be used more widely throughout the electronics market, as well as in other sectors such as the building; construction; refrigeration and textiles.

What are phase change materials?

Phase change materials continuously absorb or release heat, consequently alternating between liquid and solid phases. When a PCM freezes, it releases energy in the form of latent heat. Conversely, when it melts, it absorbs a large amount of heat from its surroundings.

The science behind it is in the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that heat transfer only flows from a material of higher temperature to a material of lower temperature. When the environment’s temperature is higher than that of the PCM, heat transfers from the surroundings to the material; this creates a cooling effect. Subsequently the PCM changes state from solid to liquid.

When the environment’s temperature is lower than that of the PCM, heat transfers from the PCM to the surroundings. The stored heat is then released when the PCM changes back to its solid state, generating a warming effect.

Why do EGO batteries use phase change materials when other batteries do not?

In a battery without PCM, the heat given off by the cells is retained within the battery. This has a detrimental effect – something we want to avoid! Over time the heat impacts upon the batteries capabilities and lifespan. However, in an EGO battery the phase change materials handle the heat and dissipates it, ensuring long-term power and unrivalled performance.

Having NASA technology at the heart of the EGO Power+ system, truly reiterates our view that we’ve got the best battery in the business!