Point of Sale Materials for 2017

To support the new product line up we have designed a whole range of Point of Sale materials that are available for EGO dealers to help entice your customers.

Our compact and eye-catching product display units have proved to be incredibly popular with dealers, as they are a key way of displaying the whole range without taking up valuable floor space in your dealership.  They were so successful that we’ve designed new units to house various combinations of the new products.

You can display the entire range in just one metre square unit, as the EGOMU2 display holds one mower; three line trimmers; one blower; two hedgetrimmers; one chainsaw and even a charger! Alternatively, there is the option to have a unit that stores one mower; three hedgetrimmers; one blower and two chainsaws, alongside a separate trimmer display.

We have significantly developed the number of line trimmers available – at our launch we had two models but we have increased that and now have five different models available! In light of this we have developed a stand just for line trimmers which can hold eight different models and has a rotating base so that all products can be seen from all angles.

To display the new multi-tool we have another innovatively designed display unit that displays the entire multi-tool range. It has separate spaces for each head, alongside the extension shaft and main body of the tool. There are two display options for this stand as it works as a standalone unit, or it can slot into an existing product stand to replace the lawnmower area. Another space saving solution!

We also have counter top displays available that hold our A4 brochures. These display units have functionality that lets the EGO Power+ promotional videos play, but only when triggered by a motion sensor when someone walks past! The content on these is easily updatable so it’s certainly an investment that will continue to reap rewards in the future.