When EGO first launched there were many sceptics who questioned lithium-ion, we’re now rapidly overcoming any doubts and are regularly converting “petrol heads”. We regularly encounter the same questions about lithium-ion so in each issue of the newsletter we focus on a frequently asked question and arm you with the answer!

#1 Why is EGO’s 56volt the optimum power?

We believe that our 56 volt batteries truly are the optimum power level for lithium-ion powered garden equipment. Bigger is not always better. Put simply, why use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut?

56 volts provide all the power of petrol but without the problematic factors that are inevitably encountered with larger batteries. Factors such as greater cost; increased weight due to having more cells which subsequently impacts upon the balance on the products; and longer, slower charging times.

Voltage is just one part of the equation. The true energy capacity of a battery is determined by its watt hour output, which is calculated by multiplying the voltage by the amp-hours (Ah). Therefore, an EGO product using our 7.5Ah battery has 420 watt hours – giving the EGO range the highest energy capacity of any handheld power tools in the industry.

In addition to the perfect power output, due to our advanced technology our batteries are unique. Unlike other battery packs, which are shaped like bricks and retain heat, EGO batteries follow a patented “arc” design. Inside, the most advanced software management system ever created in a home lawn and garden product, has been developed. EGO’s proprietary “Keep Cool” cell technology works with each battery cell to maintain long-term power and unmatched performance.