Dealer profile: Bay Tree Nurseries


Offering a full complement of major brands across the garden machinery sector, The Mower Centre’s decision to stock the full range of EGO products has proved to be a significant success for the Spalding based company who believe that, within five years, battery power will lead the market.

Based at Baytree Garden Centre, servicing customer needs within a 30 mile radius of Spalding, the business has been operating since April 2015 although it was a takeover of a pre-existing power centre that had been operating in the same geographical area for approximately 20 years.

The company offers a full servicing facility for all brands and has a staff of four.   The Mower Centre’s Gary Slator believes that EGO has proved a strong addition to his company’s product portfolio and the fast recharging battery option is opening up fresh markets for the firm.

“We believe battery power will replace 2-stroke machinery within five years.  EGO has proved popular and has created a niche for people who still wish to mow a substantial lawn without the fuss and bother of a petrol machine,” explains Gary.

“The ability to transfer the battery to the other products in the range – line trimmers, hedge cutters, chainsaw and blower – is also a key to the brand’s success.  As is the fast recharge time which is an excellent selling point.  Most of our customers who upgrade to an EGO buy two batteries, giving them an endless power supply.

“No particular items from the range has been more popular but the mower package, that includes a recharger and battery for less than £500 is a great marketing innovation as it opens up the opportunity for customers to buy everything they need for the garden at a highly cost effective price,” says Gary.

The two primary customers for the lawnmower are people who wish to mow a large garden but find petrol powered machines too cumbersome and or difficult to use and people moving into their first homes with a reasonably sized lawn.

Gary concludes:  “The performance gap between an EGO trimmer/lawnmower and an equivalently priced petrol is, for the first time, genuinely negligible.   This, coupled with reduced running and servicing costs, makes the EGO a logical choice for anyone forward thinking enough to consider it.”