Britain is no longer primarily a manufacturing nation and, consequently, people don’t want to tinker with dirty, petrol-powered lawnmower engines. Instead they want modern power that is in keeping with their way of life and that is why battery will ultimately take the place of petrol lawnmowers.

This is the joint view of Saul Ross and Simon Clarke, the two partners of Mid-Hants Mowers and why they are one of the UK’s leading dealers for the EGO 56 volt lithium-ion battery powered garden machinery. 
“Our winter stock order for the 2017 season will be predominantly battery,” says Simon. “Customers want easier and cleaner solutions to their powered garden equipment and EGO is a key part of that answer.”
Mid-Hants Mowers’ sales of EGO so far in 2016 have significantly out-performed budgets and the most popular products are the 38cm strimmer and the two self-propelled lawnmowers. Mid-Hants Mowers was established in 1978 by Ray Edmunds. Saul took the business over in 1999 and Simon joined him as a partner two years ago.

“We are not a hard sell company, preferring to offer solutions to our customers. Once we tell the EGO story the products virtually sells themselves,” adds Simon. “The crunch is that it costs, on average, £2.50 an hour to run a petrol machine compared to 2p for a battery. There simply isn’t an answer to that.”

The success of EGO is contributing to the growth of the business and both partners have recently invested a considerable sum of money in a new showroom and workshop. The exceptions to their battery-only preference are ride-on domestics and professional machines which are all petrol powered.

“There are a huge number of petrol machines out in the marketplace and they will keep our workshop going for a long time to come,” says Saul, adding “the demise of petrol will start with the two-stroke and eventually the four-stroke. We are now predominantly a blue collar society and battery power better reflects their understanding and interests. EGO ticks all the boxes socially, economically and environmentally.”

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