Our 2017 product line up features products that work as hard as you do!

As innovators, our R&D team is constantly developing our technology. The result? Our new backpack battery.

The EGO Power+ backpack battery is a force to be reckoned with and delivers exceptional power balanced with user comfort that keeps working all day long. The high energy capacity battery system is wearable with a detachable padded harness and transfers across the EGO Power+ brush cutter, hedge trimmers and blowers.

It removes the strain from extensive usage not just for you but also your wallet! Based on 1,000 charge cycles, the backpack battery will pay for itself in just over 200 charges giving you a lifetime ROI of a phenomenal £4,500!

Our next innovation for this season is our backpack blower. Big jobs need big power. And that’s exactly what the backpack blower delivers. It destroys leaves and garden debris, particularly when our Turbo mode is put into action. It can run for up to two hours so can easily cover plenty of ground!

As it that wasn’t enough, our third innovation for this season is our multi-tool, which features five heads that are all attachable to one sleek and stylish body. Switching attachments is quick and easy, and gives the freedom to power through a whole host of jobs without the noise, fuss or fumes of petrol.